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Approba is an HR Business Partner, specialized in Recruitment & HR Services & Support for all your Recruitment, Transfer and Departure cases. Most of our clients are companies and institutions present in the (petro)Chemical industry & High Tech manufacturing industry in Western-Europe. Our clients related to the Fertilizer industry have worldwide presence.

Our name Approba is derived from a Latin word, meaning: ”approval”. For us, this signifies the approval of our clients, candidates and last-but-not-least, ourselves. Therefore, Approba strictly follows its code of integrity. The act of recruiting, assessing, developing, advising or managing, touches people in their essence. Every reason to handle this with the utmost care. Sounds logical … and according to us, it should be. Furthermore, our work method is not defined by the behaviour of others. Thus, when the situation demands this, allowing us to approach the market in an unconventional and creative way. One might call this opportunism. We call it, innovative services, made to measure our clients, we can, in close cooperation with our clients, shape the offered services based upon our conviction and mission: Passion for People & Business.

Our services are tailored towards positions at the level of board/executive board, management (higher and middle levels) and professional specialists.

Recruitment services


The hiring of professionals, recruitment, is of strategic importance for every organisation. This calls for a proactive and always innovating approach and therefore Approba calls it: ‘ActifSearch’. Approba offers a specialised operation with the most chance of success, which may also be called unique in price and performance.

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HR Projects & Support

HR Projects & Support

As a HR Business Partner, Approba offers singular consultations as well as complete support. One thing is essential: helping organizations, professionally and competently in recruiting, developing and mobilizing their people. Assessments, coaching, guidance, advice, training-on-the-job, support. It is all up to you. Approba is proud to be able to answer every question in the field of Personnel & Organization.

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Tests &

Tests & Assessments

If your organisation is asking herself questions about the functioning of her Human Capital, we will offer you an answer to that question!

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Forced or voluntarily looking for a new job. An emotional blow… or the golden opportunity?! Approba supports companies and individuals by coaching and guidance for a new challenge.

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Coaching is a learning process in which the entire person develops himself through awareness processes and sophisticated learning experiences.

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Cross Cultural Awareness

Cross Cultural Awareness

Approba offers experienced business professionals a theoretical framework and practical tools to support you in achieving your goals abroad.

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Expat Services

Expat Services

Working abroad results in many extra challenges for an expat; from relocation and settlement in The Netherlands to bridging cultural differences in the workplace.

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“Approba delivered us specialists with specific SOP (fertilizer) knowledge so we could deliver our client the most profitable process model for his plant investment based on reliable process technology”

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Managing Talent Engineering Consultant

Marcel loves driving with his rusty Landrover Defender while dragging his mobile home to remote areas in Germany, France and Spain. Marcel and his wife are often visiting local markets, enjoying rustic dishes in a social ambiance and trace & buy beautiful antique.

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Managing Talent Engineering Consultant

Michael enjoys multiple short holidays by visiting cities in Europe and meeting people from different cultures and background. Portugal has a special place in his heart. He and his wife are weekly present at the OCI Lions Handball matches and enjoy working-out too.

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Sr. Talent Engineering Consultant

Erwin loves being around people, strolling through a chemical plant or engineering site, arranging a BBQ for friends, family and colleagues, and enjoying time with his two daughters and wife. His favorite tv series are “Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Game of Thrones’.

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Talent Engineering

Shelly loves going out, enjoying visiting Sushi restaurants, training at the Gym, decorating her new bought house with her friend and in the evenings enjoy movies and series on Netflix. Her favorite holiday location is Bali, and she enjoys sightseeing in her oldtimer.

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Talent Engineering

Yanick is a Blockchain evangelist, busy with startups, sustainability and entrepreneurial activities. He enjoys flying with drones (not one or two, but five or so…) and visits TEDx conferences and the European Parliament while enthusiastically presenting the next generation (Y & Z)

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Cross Cultural
Awareness Consultant

Simone is our multicultural chameleon; always training and coaching our clients, candidates and others in cross cultural awareness. Might come in handy when you visit your new international client or managing your multicultural team. No treehugger but business minded!

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Tel. 0031 – 46 460 00 00

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