HR services

You don’t have certain specific HR knowledge, programs or tools at your disposal? Or do you have a temporary request for which you can use some support? Then working with an HR Business Partner such as Approba is the ideal solution! The advantage is that you immediately have specialized and experienced professionals at your disposal who can help you with your HR services in the long or short term. We tackle all issues related to ‘people and business’, recruitment, transfer and departure cases. Think of HR services such as:

Why HR services at Approba?

What may be a temporary or sporadic challenge for you, is ‘core business’ to us. You can count on experienced professionals with the right background and knowledge to support you in the best possible way. We feel involved and think proactively. We have experience with all of the above HR services and more. For specific assignments in which we can’t support you, we would like to help you find a third party who can. Our goal is to support you in any capacity.

Are you interested in more information about one of our services? Or could you use some help with a certain challenge? Feel free to contact our colleagues.

We need to equip ourselves with specific skills,

such as change management, business process consulting, project support and focus on human resources in order to have an edge over competing markets or countries.