André Borsboom

Talent Engineering Recruiter

Working as a recruiter for Approba means working with many types of vacancies and candidates. From interns to managers, from supply chain planners to operators, anything is possible.

  • Background

    B.Sc. Facility Management Nima A+B Experienced in Business Development, Sales and Account Management projects in the Telecom & ICT business.

    Through my background in Business Development, I have a strong drive to help clients to make the best choices regarding growth, efficiency and personnel requirements regarding commercial positions.

    In addition to the above activities, I’m part of the Approba recruitment team and I am closely involved in several recruitment and RPO projects at our clients.

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  • Personal info

    I live in Meerssen, near Maastricht, with my wife Jeannette and our two daughters.

    Hobbies are: keeping cats & martens from my front yard, visiting nice places with my family and experience interesting cultures and people, good food and drinks, running & skiing.

    Work – Life – Balance!