Recruitment services offered by Approba

Recruitment becomes more and more important as business partner for both the permanent and the flexible layer. Especially the new economical reality and the Y generation forces organisations to face constant turbulence and dynamic! Experts literally call flexibility in an organisation to be crucial. Between now and 10 years time, it is expected that half of the total population probably exists of flexible workers. In addition, one also wants to deploy the correct professional at the correct moment depending on growth, stabilisation or shrinkage in a globalising economy. These trends create a new dynamic for organisations to, in addition to permanent professionals, also recruit the best flexible professionals and to retain them. Besides that recruitment also has to keep apace with these trends. By effectively using recruitment it is possible to anticipate and to save costs. Think about flexible recruiters, interim recruitment, cure & pay agreements, labour market communication, but also the usage of recruitment for other tasks such as outsourcing professionals when necessary. At the end recruitment is the core of the labour market!

The type of contract becomes inferior to the inflow, in other words: recruitment becomes inflow management!

Our objective? Return On Hire (ROH)
Would you like to have your recruitment run more efficient and more flexible for a lower price? Are you looking for a customised solution within your organisation? Hire a reliable partner! The team of Approba has the skills and knowledge in order to achieve your objectives. Have our specialists optimise your recruitment process in all areas and optimise your recruitment process.

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    Attracting professionals, of strategic importance for every organization, demands a pro-active and innovative approach and, at Approba, is therefore called : ‘ActifSearch’.
    Approba offers an expert effort with the highest chance of success, which is unique in both cost and performance.

    All methods are utilized in a combined way, with the aim of finding the right candidate to present. Whether you call this recruitment & selection, executive search, headhunting or something else.. It is all about the result, ‘finding’. When it comes to this, Approba can build on years of experience and many successful cases for a large variety of clients.

    And what about the conditions?

    They are simple and clear! Nothing is left to coincidence and clear agreements are made about the flow of a procedure. There is no room for discussion afterwards and there will be an optimal cooperation. That is something our clients appreciate!Your core business is your passion, our passion is finding the right professional and offering value creation to your strategic personnel management. in a pro-active, modern and driven way, we find professionals for optimizing your Human Capital within the organization. Regionally-known and active worldwide, flexible to suit your wishes and needs.

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    Sometimes you just need ‘someone else’s eyes’ to get the maximum out of your organization. Or when there is a need for employees or managers to temporarily increase the capacity. Usually, specific knowledge and skills are also expected from these interim-employees.

    With a focus on interim management and interim professionals, Approba provides temporary, flexible and objective-focused solutions. With an extensive experience in all different professional areas like HR, Marketing and Sales and a fitting professional training, they are able to carry out important projects perfectly.

    Interim services of Approba:

    Based upon secondment, project or management contract usable

    Specialist on their own professional field

    Pay-rolling possible via Approba

    Cost-effective trough knowledge, experience and efficiency

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    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Outsource your recruitment process, optimal inflow management! (RPO) The complete or partial outsourcing of your recruitment process. A recruitment strategy you could possibly combine for your permanent and flexible organisation. Complete relieve of all worries regarding your inflow and outflow.

    Recruitment process outsourcing is a process that ensures an efficient management of your Human Capital; we call this inflow management.Higher efficiency + transparent costs = Net saving. By means of the recruitment process outsourcing, the entire process is addressed and optimised. Recruitment is used on the basis of partnership (cure & pay) and the promotion policy will be improved. Your flexibility is further optimised. This will also create savings on purchase- and invoice costs. A team of expert recruiters is strategically, tactically and operationally deployable using the most modern search techniques.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing at Approba: An effective and efficient recruitment process for your permanent and flexible organisation

    Optimal management of Human Capital and Talent Management

    Higher hiring-efficiency, better promotion policy and optimal flexibility

    Inflow management

    Deploy recruitment on the basis of cure & pay: partnership

    Reduce purchase- and invoice costs

    Net savings on current and future recruitment costs.

    Approba is recognised as an important RPO service provider and included in the “Providers of RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO) in the Netherlands and Belgium” survey 2019 (Dutch version only). Visit the RPO survey 2019.

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    Cost reduction & more profit from your human capital or ROH (Return On Hiring). What is Smartflecs? An innovative concept with high-end flex personnel in which flexibility, efficiency and savings are the main focus. What could the SmartFLECS© concept of Approba mean for your organisation?

I am convinced that although training and development are important…….

recruitment and selection are much more important.
Stephen R. Covey