Recruitment Services

A tight labor market, difficult vacancies, stiff competition … Recruitment is an indispensable part of an organization. Attracting the right talent can be a difficult task. Simply publishing a vacancy is no longer the best approach. Therefore, the use of recruitment is crucial for the survival and development of organizations. There are several recruitment methods, such as:

Search and Selection

Filling a specialist or management vacancy for the long term

Interim (flex-recruitment)

Filling a specialist oir management vacancy for the short term and/or with a flexible contract

Managed Service Provider

Filling and outsourcing multiple vacancies for flexible employees in collaboration with suppliers

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Filling and outsourcing multiple vacancies with long term employees


Why recruitment services at Approba

Recruitment is our passion! A passion in which we unburden you to be able to do what your passion is. We know better than anyone that recruitment has changed enormously over the years. The goal of recruitment remains unchanged: to find and attract the right employee for a position. At Approba you can count on achieving that goal, that is our primary focus. At Approba you can count on:

  • Professional and experienced recruiters and consultants with extensive market knowledge and a large network in the Limburg region and beyond***

  • Partnership: we are happy to consult you, both within and outside our field

  • Flexibility: an extra vacancy? Is the vacancy not allowed to be public? You want to do a part yourself and a part together? We adapt!

  • Tailor-made and personal approach: every organization is different and requires a different approach. We ensure that our services are tailored to your needs. it is always possible to change thinghs based on our proposal

  • No-nonsense and transparency: our professionals are honest and will offer a lot of clarity in the working methods and price agreements

  • Clear price agreements at competitive rates

***  Most of our customers are companies and institutions that are active in the chemical, life science, pharma and green/low carbon industries and high-tech industry in Western Europe. Our fertilizer industry clients can be found worldwide. We also have a lot of knowledge in the field of healthcare and are able to tackle any HR and recruitment related challenge within all branches and companies.

If you would like to know more about Recruitment, please contact us and we will inform you completely.

I am convinced that although training and development are important…….

recruitment and selection are much more important.
Stephen R. Covey