Interim Services

Sometimes you just need someone else’s opinion to get the most out of your organization. Sometimes there is a need for employees or managers to temporarily increase capacity. Interim employees are expected to have specific knowledge and skills, and are able to support your company in different areas on a temporary basis.

Why choose Interim?

With a focus on interim management and interim professionals, Approba offers temporary, flexible and targeted solutions. With extensive experience in different professional areas they are able to execute important projects perfectly. The advantages of hiring an interim employee are:

  • Rapid availability and easy termination of temporary employment
  • An interim manager is less affiliated with the organization, which makes it often easier for him / her to make difficult but necessary decisions
  • Extensive experience within a specific area
  • Objective independent view

Flex Recruitment

In addition to interim, Approba can also facilitate other types of flexible recruitment (not permanent staff).

  • Secondment

    The right candidate for your position does not have to be a permanent employee or an employee who has a direct contract with your company. Secondment is often used for special projects, temporary extra support and in the context of an extended trial period. Signing the employee over to your own contract/company at a later stage is no problem at all.

  • Payrolling

    An important part of secondment. If you choose to second your employees, they will receive a contract with Approba. Approba takes care of the salary administration and will be bearing employer risks. Payrolling can also be provided as a separate service, with Approba being the formal employer for your staff, taking care of payroll and bearing employer risk without being involved in the recruitment procedure of your staff.

If you would like to know more about Interim, please contact us and we will inform you completely.

Interim management is a profession, consciously chosen and NOT an alternative

for in ‘between jobs’ managers.
Marcel Dols