About us

Approba is located in Urmond in Limburg, with the Chemelot Site and Brightlands in the proverbial backyard. Cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Eindhoven, Aachen, Düsseldorf and Cologne are within driving distance.

Our services

Most of our customers are companies and institutions that are active in the chemical, life science, pharma and green/low carbon industries and high-tech industry in Western Europe. Our fertilizer industry clients can be found worldwide. We also have a lot of knowledge in the field of healthcare and are able to tackle any HR and recruitment related challenge within all branches and companies. In fact, we recruit for all kinds of different types and branches. Our services are established at positions at the level of board / directors, management (higher and middle level) and specialists in all possible functions and jobs.

Our mission and approach

Approba was founded in 2005 by two business partners who both believed the HR industry could use some improvement. Approba has approached the market in an unconventional and creative way from the start, in which committed partnership is a central part. The name Approba is derived from Latin and means: “to approve”. For us, this means the approval of our customers, candidates and ourselves.
Approba consists of a team of various colleagues, each with their own unique background, but all with the same characteristic convictions. We are passionate about helping people who have the guts to pursue their passion. We do not aim for a quick fix, but stand for partnership with genuine involvement and offering value. Although we offer a wide range of services, we will refer you to a third party free of charge if we think that this party offers the best solution for your request.

In close collaboration with our customers, we can shape the services offered based on our belief and mission:

Passion for People & Business.

Think Different…..

Approba can assist you in HR and Recruitment processes from scratch to full setup and join together on a hybrid way of working. The best and most positive result will be achieved by a good strategic plan. Ready for Approba?