Employer Branding – highlight your employee value proposition

Companies whom attract the best talent on a consistent level, use the same way of working.
They all use Employer Branding specifically to attract the best employees for their organization on a consistent level. So how can you also become a leader in the market with Employer Branding?

What is Employer Branding anyway?

It is the ability to stand out of the employer crowd, everything that makes you different as a company to attract the right candidates in the market. In this competitive market it takes more effort, investment, and needs to be part of your key Business & HR strategy!

Steps to build your Employer Branding, and your company needs to get in place:

  • Connector.

    Careers site

    Highlight your Employee Value
    Provide credibility
    Use clear job descriptions
    Mobile first minded

  • Connector.

    Application experience

    Less is more, and time to hire is of the essence. There are enough opportunities for the best candidates in the market

  • Connector.

    Social media

    It’s the most widely used channel for companies to build their brand and attract new talent, also for your company

  • Connector.


    This is necessary for candidates to learn about your employer brand and their decision to interact with your company
    Keep in mind that almost 8-9 brand touchpoints are necessary to influence a candidate decision

  • Connector.

    Employee advocacy

    Your employees now, are more than ever the most valuable asset and leverage for attracting new talent

Employer Branding, out of your control or harder to influence:

  • Word of mouth
  • Friends and family of the candidate
  • Media

Think Different…..

Approba can assist you in this process from scratch to full setup, take over your Employer Branding process by outsourcing, or join together on a hybrid way of working. The best and most positive result will be achieved by a good strategic plan. Ready for more Employer Branding?