Anouar Mourad

Talent Engineering Consultant

Working as a consultant/recruiter for Approba means working with many types of vacancies and candidates. From interns to managers, from supply chain planners to operators, anything is possible.

  • Background

    B.Sc. Finance & Control propaedeutic year, followed-up by a B.Sc. Human Resources Management course

    My background spans financial administration, HR/recruitment, and technical roles, complemented by experience in staffing and outsourcing, mainly focusing on technical vacancies. Now, I seek to enhance my skills in the non-operational segment at Approba and merge them with operational roles.

    In addition to the above activities, I’m part of the Approba recruitment team and I am closely involved in several recruitment and RPO projects at our clients.

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  • Personal info

    I live in Holtum, part of the municipality of Sittard-Geleen, with my girlfriend Sara.

    Hobbies are: car detailing, kickboxing and meeting interesting cultures and people, good food and drinks.
    Work – Life – Balance!