Simone Buijzen

Cross Cultural Awareness Consultant

The world may be getting flatter but cultural differences have a great impact on how people communicate, operate and collaborate.

Managing cultural differences, therefore, has become a key success factor for doing international business.

  • Background

    Originally from Sittard and fascinated by the psychology of people and their different backgrounds, Simone has travelled the globe for over 25 years. Starting out as a marketer for multi-national companies she has witnessed a lot of cross-cultural misunderstandings that though hilarious were often time and money consuming.

    In her role as cross-cultural trainer and executive coach for over 12 years Simone has worked with leaders and their teams at multinationals and NGO’s all over the globe. She has also taken on the role of Advisor to My Shining Star Foundation in Malaysia and has since made the Eastern Hemisphere her second home.

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  • Personal info

    Her love of people and her extensive international business experience inspired her to study cross-cultural communication and start building bridges between different cultures.

    Living and travelling all over the globe, often has a (short) stay in The Netherlands, Malaysia and Singapore, Simone is a true world citizen.

    Simone embraces life, cultural differences and similarities.

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