Assessments (or tests) are known to many. Almost everyone has made a test or assessment at least once in their life. For example during an application procedure, or in their current position for developmental purposes. An assessment is a useful tool to objectively examine whether someone has certain competencies, abilities or personal characteristics. We would like to emphasize that an assessment or test (however good it may be) should always be seen as a tool in examining a person’s potential. It is important that a professional assessor conducts an assessment and does not interpreted the results as the irrefutable truth, but as a handle to further investigate and assess the functioning of a person.

What Approba can do for you

  • We are able to make a short or comprehensive analysis of your personnel based on various characteristics, properties and skills that are important to get a clear picture of the functioning and potential of your personnel or team.

  • We can perform tests on an individual level, but also on team level or for the entire organization.

  • Our validated tests are available worldwide in more than 30 languages (at the same price, so no extra cost for multilingual reports).

  • The result will make a positive contribution to your strategic human resource management.

  • Approba supports companies and individuals with guidance and coaching through an adapted (career) coaching program.

Marcel Dols is our specialist regarding Assessments & Tests. If you would like to know more about our assessments and tests, please contact us and we will inform you completely.

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