Cross cultural awareness – catch the differences

Has cross-culturally cooperation become a challenge for you? Are international deadlines often not met or is it hard for you to figure out why your foreign distributor doesn’t convey your marketing message completely or promotes your products hesitantly? Or do you, as an expat in The Netherlands, feel that your local colleagues misinterpret your messages and direction?

Cross cultural competencies

Approba offers the cross-cultural awareness, tools and competencies that are vital to conducting international business. Based on structured, relevant insights into the local business culture of the country or region of choice we take stock of your situation. Subsequently we assists you in optimizing your international success by solving your multi-cultural challenges, in the areas of management, teambuilding and marketing through cross-cultural training and coaching.

Besides international business, students in diverse environments are competing with differences and awareness as well.

Teambuilding and international leadership in a multi cultural environment

Based on your everyday business reality and specific needs we design tailor-made workshops that are conducted one-on-one, as well as in smaller or larger groups. You may choose to focus on gathering general information to assist you in presenting, negotiating and convincing more effectively in a foreign culture. Or you can further develop personal cross-cultural skills and competencies, effective cross-cultural leadership styles and multicultural teambuilding.

Next tot that you can also simply reinforce the marketing of your products in foreign markets or effectively support the international implementation of your compliance program.

Simone Buijzen - our cross cultural awareness specialist

Simone gives professionals and their teams insights into cross-cultural differences encoutered in international business. We offer a theoretical framework and in-depth insights as well as practical tools for immediate use in cross-cultural communication. Our approach maximise international success in areas like management, team development and sales & marketing communication. It thereby prevents miscommunication and unnecessary loss of opportunities, funds and people in international business. We aim to unite the best of both worlds when cooperating with foreign business partners and multicultural teams.

Approba offers experienced business professionals that use a theoretical framework and practical tools to support you in achieving your goals abroad.

Our training programs incorporate a variety of cross-cultural subjects like:

In a world of diversity and cultural differences……..

there’s no such thing as ‘common’ sense.