Approba is your partner for all recruitment, transfer and departure cases. Outplacement falls into the latter category. Outplacement offers guidance on an individual basis to people who are forced or voluntarily looking for a new job.

Clear agreements, guidelines, procedures, service levels, reliability, commitment and above all quality form the basis for good cooperation with our customer and candidate. We offer outplacement guidance based on a step-by-step plan which we tailor to each participant’s needs and intensify where necessary. The phases of the step-by-step plan are:

  • Getting acquainted: the outplacement coach and candidate will get to know each other (better) in the first session(s). In some situations, this first step is also very important to deal with the psychological aspect first.

  • Personal insight (testing): the candidate will be tested by means of an assessment of competences, skills, capacity and personality in order to make a good estimate of one’s performance.

  • Career choices: exploring someone’s past and future. What decisions has the candidate made in the past, why, and which decisions does he/she want to make for the future?

  • Job interview skills: what are the requirements for a good resume? How do you conduct a good job interview and how do you improve your chances to get invited for an interview with a potential employer? Approba provides tools and tips.

  • Preparation for job search: potentially uploading CV to job boards and, for example, create or update a LinkedIn profile and other social media profiles.

  • Job search: job boards, network, job fairs, you name it. The outplacement coach will continue to support the candidate at this stage.

The outplacement process is tailored to the wishes and needs of the candidate. For each individual counseling process, we use a tailor-made, solution-oriented approach that focusses on the future. We map out all the knowledge, insights, skills and motivation of the candidate. We prefer to emphasize on the competences (capacities and qualities) instead of the shortcomings.

When a company is looking for an outplacement service……

what they really want to give isn’t a program – it is CARE!