Outplacement services by Approba

Forced or voluntarily looking for a new job. An emotional blow… or the golden opportunity in finding a new passion!
Approba supports both companies and individuals by means of coaching and guidance in the quest for a new challenge.

Outplacement services, what does it include exactly?

As there are no uniform candidates or employees, Approba has no generic outplacement route. We offer candidates and clients the following parameters:

• Objective advice towards the candidate
• Customised methods regarding assessments & tests
• Intensive and personal guidance by senior Talent Engineering consultants
• Realistic result

Our customised personal and intensive approach makes the difference!

Outplacement on an individual basis is used for the guidance of persons who are forced or voluntarily looking for another (external) job. Clear agreements, guidelines, procedures, service-levels, reliability, involvement and, above all, quality are the basis for good cooperation with our client and candidate. We work on the basis of a proven step-by-step plan in order to be able to offer, execute and guarantee high-quality services. To the need of the participant, the steps for each phase are implemented in a customised manner and intensified where necessary. The phases of the step-by-step plan are: to make acquaintance, personal insight (test), career choices, job application skills, preparation job search, job search. This is how we constructively build continuity and desired results.

The approach of Approba

The guidance process is tailored to the desires and needs of the candidate: he/she is the main focus!

For each individual guidance process we use a customised solution-oriented approach, particularly in the direction of the future and mobilise all knowledge, insights, skills and motivation the candidate has. We prefer to connect with the competences (capacities and qualities) and not with deficiencies.

When a company is looking for an outplacement service……

what they really want to give isn’t a program – it is CARE!