Coaching by Approba

A tense atmosphere within the department and the feeling that everyone is tiptoeing around each other or operates with caution within a team? A broader support base within your team?
Methods and techniques for meeting more effectively? An employee who was tested recently and is now looking for guidance in his points of development? Approba supports companies and individuals with guidance and coaching by means of a customised career-oriented coaching programme.

Coaching and training

We consider coaching and training to be a process under guidance of change of behaviour. It is a learning process in which the entire person develops himself through awareness processes and sophisticated learning experiences.By means of professional guidance, the coach supports the employee in achieving self-chosen goals. Because of the intensive personal guidance the employee will acquire insight in order for him/her to be self-managing (again). During the coaching process we will work on, for example, awareness and personal growth, increasing the self-confidence and developing and applying own opportunities.

What can Approba do for you?

The starting point of a coaching programme is often based on questions, which is considered to be a problem in many cases. However, our approach at HR Services is aimed at achieving the solution!

Our principle here are a number of methods we use during such a project.

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Training Training on the job Team training Leadership Development

In addition to coaching and training you can also use our tests to support personal development. A test can also be used in combination with a coaching session. As a result, also newly obtained insights become immediately applicable.

The approach of Approba

Approba supplies distinctive services that equate both career goals and organisational objectives. The relationship between professional and organisation is continuously improved based on trust, respect and appreciation.

If at first you don’t succeed……..

Try doing what your coach told you to do the first time.