Organisational advice by Approba

From our expertise in the area of behaviour and of development we design, in close cooperation with you as the client, practically oriented improvement processes at individual-, team-, department- and organisational level. We focus on organisational development for which a change of behaviour is necessary in order to achieve the strategic objectives. For example in case of integration, reorganisation or change of culture.

Our organisational advice mainly focuses on:

  • Management- and MT-guidance
  • Individual- and team development
  • Identity and change of culture
  • Improvement and integration
  • Support with implementation processes
  • Process optimisation

What can Approba do for you?

A summary of the issues for which you can appeal to us:

  • How do we improve the leadership and the relationship between management and employees in our organisation?
  • How do we reinforce the cooperation within or between teams?
  • How do we stimulate a response-culture with open feedback?
  • How do we obtain more cohesion and synergy between different departments/discipline?
  • How do we promote innovation within the organisation?
  • How do we steer (more) towards output and improve trust?
  • How do we reinforce the cooperation within the organisation?
  • How does my organisation further develop HR-themes such as empowerment, employability, talent management and sustainable employability of employees?
  • How does my organisation implement competence-development and change of behaviour for new priorities or work methods within the organisation?

Organisational advice is a ‘catch-all’ concept and is mainly interpreted after initial meetings with (senior) management about the organisational conditions the company is facing.
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