Yanick Dols

Talent Engineering Consultant

Energtic Techsavy Entrepeneur with a focus on Talent. Owner of Head-Starters, an employment agency for young professionals. Mainly focussed on Engineering, Software, High-Tech, Automotive, IT and Chemical Industry

  • Background

    B.Sc Industrial Engineering & Management
    Yanick attracts University talent and fresh graduates (up to 5 years of working experience) through jobs, projects and internships. His clients have a head-start on incorporating young talent within their businesses. Students, however, have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, while gaining hands-on experiences. Yanick is the spokesperson related to Generation X & Y topics.

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  • Personal info

    Living in the Southern part of The Netherlands near Belgium and Germany.

    Hobbies are Blockchain evangelism, speedracing with drones, visiting TEDx and other conference while discussing generation X & Y, enjoying life with family, friends and colleagues.