Working conditions

Working Conditions, what does it include exactly?

Customer-oriented consulting services in the area of working conditions, safety and risk management. With SafeArbo, Approba supports you with customer-oriented consulting services in the area of working conditions and safety.

Most important aspects with regard to working conditions are:

• Specific customised service for all kinds of working conditions;
• A realistic and project-based approach;
• A high level of reliability within the legal framework;
• Quality and professionalism as starting point;
• Hiring a professional for the long term or short-term assignments is possible.

What can we do for you?

SafeArbo supports and advises you in your own mission and vision in the area of Working Conditions (Arbo) & Safety. Do you not (yet) have a clearly defined vision or is your mission out of date? We will then develop this in close cooperation with your organisation.

Our customised personal and intensive approach makes the difference!

Obligations regarding guidelines and standards are imposed upon your organisation by the Working Conditions Act. We guide you through the practical implementation of these obligations. We can also advise and support your Employee Council or staff representatives and your prevention officer.

Customised support to prevention officer(s).

Draw up working conditions policy-plans and coordinate the execution.

Working conditions catalogue in your organisation.

Information meetings for management, supervisors, Employee Council and operational staff in the area of working conditions and safety at work.

Draw up company emergency service plans, evacuation plans and/or disaster plans.

Establishment of company emergency service organisations.

Advise on new construction and renovation projects.

Provide advice in the area of aggression prevention.

Information and instruction in the area of safety and health (also toolbox-meetings).

Provide advice on how to act in connection with hazardous substances.

Safety inspections and workplace inspections.

Conduct occupational hygienic investigations and advise in this area.

Carry out noise measurements and produce noise maps.

Carry out and analyse indoor climate arrangements.

Draw up explosion protection documents (ATEX).

Perform and validate risk-inventory and risk-evaluation (including plan of action). Draw up work instructions, protocols and procedures.

Perform safety-analyses to machines and complete production-lines.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees,

they will take care of the clients.
Sir Richard Branson