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Mechatronics is the connecting factor between the various monodisciplinary electronics, mechanical engineering, control technology and measurement and control technology. In today’s Hightech and Automotive systems, mechatronics plays an increasingly important role. Because a mechatronicus knows the various disciplines, they can well maintain the overall overview of a project and ensure good cooperation.

Mechatronics is a synergistic approach to integral and optimal design of a mechanical system and its associated control system. This control system can be performed electronically, but often it will consist of a so-called embedded computer. By simultaneously designing the mechanical construction and its associated control system, mechanical structures can gain superior properties while becoming cheaper and more flexible.

Examples of mechatronic systems include the CD player and its successors the CD-ROM and DVD, various applications in modern cars such as ABS, electronic stabilization systems, robots, advanced production machines, climate control and water treatment equipment.

Approba’s Mechatronici works in Rechearch & Development departments of our customers at HighTech projects, which ensure personal development through 1ON1 coaching from one of our personal consultants.

Mechatronics - Mechatronics by Approba - Hightech projects

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Unigraphics NX and Teamcenter
Pro Engineer
Solid Edge

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