Process Engineer


For our client in the Southern part of the Netherlands we are searching candidates for the open Process Engineer position.

Dutch language skills are a must!


Our client is a global player in the chemical industry. Due to confidentiality we can’t give more information at this moment.


Reports to Chief Process Engineer and is responsible for analysing and following-up processes and units and on basis of findings, study and research make recommendations with respect to possible optimisation of the processes, extension or modification of the installations as well as assisting in the implementation of these, in line with environment and safety standards and objectives of the processes, in order to contribute to realisation and optimising the company results.

  • To assist and advise operational departments, within set operational and process limits and environment and safety requirements, in order to realise an optimum operation of the plant with maximum output
  • Caries out Bottleneck studies aimed at defining problem solutions, improvement propositions or adaptations of the operational procedures, in accordance with procedures and directives, in order to realise a higher output or higher capacity and on-stream factor
  • Carries out test runs on installations, advises concerning the improvement of plant model, in accordance with specifications and directives, so that optimum economic decisions on purchase of raw materials and from that the resulting products can be taken by client
  • To initiate and define requirements related of project proposals with respect to process design and pay-back calculations, in line with economic, safety, and environment related standards, in order to allow project section making a sound estimate and that the project after implementation meets the objectives and predicted pay-out time
  • Maintains contacts and relations with externals, within the set directives of the chemical plant, in order to exchange information to contribute to the image of the plant to the outside world
  • Spreads technical information generated by the section, in line with the set directives, in order to raise knowledge and know-how and further optimise the operations in economic and safety respect
  • To integrate and coordinate services by third parties as well as monitoring the quality of the performed activities, within set directives in the field of safety, health and environment, in order to guarantee effective and efficient execution of activities
  • Process engineer is in charge of follow-up of : catalysts activities, cycle length, catalyst selection, loading/unloading procedure, storage and regeneration processes
  • Reporting routine (monthly reports, OPC and TC presentations,…) and non-routine (memos) reporting regarding the performance of the units.


FLUENT IN DUTCH IS A MUST. If you are not capable of communication in Dutch your application will not be accepted.

  • University (process engineering / chemistry)
  • Knowledge in the field of design of chemical plants
  • Technical orientation broader than main subject. Combination of mechanical / process / chemistry
  • Knowledge of planning and budgeting with respect to the specific aspects of technical modification or design of factory, taking into account economic, safety and environmental standards
  • Knowledge of process computer models
  • Knowledge of physical and chemical systems / processes / unit operations
  • Minimum 5 years experience in design / development / monitoring of process installations
  • Experience in preparing and acting in technical projects
  • Team spirit
  • Research worker mentality to review technical projects on feasibility, in depth and according to the latest developments


If you have questions or want to discuss the position please contact Erwin Amesz on +31 46 460 00 00,