Urea Operation Supervisor – Trainer


Our client in North Dakota is in need for Operations Supervisors – trainers with an indepth knowledge and experience with startup and operations of urea plants. Part of the job will be training personnel, starting up the plant, and possibly staying around until the operators & staff are having running experience.


A urea production facility is currently under construction at the Synfuels Plant in North Dakota. The project is slated for completion in the first quarter of 2018. Construction began in July 2014. The project budget is $740 million.

Our end-client currently produces two other fertilizers, anhydrous ammonia and ammonium sulfate

The project includes construction of a storage facility that can hold about 53,000 tons of granular urea, as well as a new load-out facility for trucks and railcars with the capacity to load up to 110 railcars in a single shipment.

The project is slated for completion in the spring of 2018 when 1,100 tons of urea daily will be produced, with the ability to shift urea production to produce diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). DEF is used to reduce NOx emissions in diesel engines, as mandated by the federal government on all new diesel engines. A 1.1-million gallon stainless steel storage tank will be constructed at the plant to store the DEF. The plant will also be able to produce liquefied carbon dioxide.


You will be responsible for training & guidance for the plant personnel regarding the operations, start-ups and shutdowns of the newly built urea plant. This will include all facets regarding process control (DCS), supervise and monitor the control room and field operator activities in order to ensure continued operation of the urea plant in a safe and reliable manner and uninterrupted production.

Follow up on existing problems and progress corrective steps throughout the shift to reach resolution of problem and raise notification to maintenance on problems that occur during the shift and communicate directly with Maintenance if the problem is considered as priority. Issue Permit to Work and Safety Tags to carry out the required maintenance work. Review Control Room and Field Operators log sheets to determine if they were completed accurately and whether or not there are deviations from standard parameters.

Tour plant to determine general status of the equipment and overall readiness of the plant and identify safety infractions, if any, take appropriate action and to supervisor accordingly. Participate in daily meetings with Operation, Maintenance and Engineering to discuss maintenance issues, status of plant and plan of action and steps to be taken.

Participate in the plant start-up, normal operation shift down to facilitate maintenance works, includes ensuring safety, proper isolation, testing, etc. to ascertain the problem has been resolved, normalizing the unit and bringing it back on line.

Respond to emergencies such as tripping, run back of unit, etc. trouble shoot problem and take appropriate corrective steps to normalize the unit.

MAIN PRIORITY: assist & training of local personnel in running/operating the urea production plant while using best practices and verified methods.


  • Minimum 10 years of experience as Urea Shift Supervisor – Trainer
  • Indepth experience with Stamicarbons urea process
  • Bachelor or similar education in chemical engineering or equivalent training
  • Available for the last months of 2017 (procedure can be started earlier) and the first half year of 2018
  • US working visa / experience working in the USA during the last couple of years


If you have questions or want to discuss the position please contact Erwin Amesz on +31 46 460 00 00, info@approba.com or twitter.com/approba