From Approba, you can expect an excellent guidance and implementation of tailor-made solutions in HR. We can take your organization, the management or the individual as a point of view. Furthermore, more and more clients ask Approba for advice and implementation on a strategic level. Our approach guarantees insight in goals and processes. A better overview. And a view on considerable cost reductions! This is called services at our organization …. Do you sense the difference?

A closer look at our services:

Your flexible work force is managed around your core organization. This is a (medium) long term solution and optima forma of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). This will be linked to your strategic personnel planning, and the result is an efficient and cost effective company. We call this ROH, Return On Hiring.
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From a quick scan to an extensive assessment, we measure your Human Capital. Individually, per team or for your complete organization. We can offer services worldwide in over 30 languages. Quantitative measure at inflow, trough-flow and out-flow within your organization.
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Impat Expat Services
A posting abroad is a personal as well as a professional challenge. A new job in a foreign country results a different living and working environment with a new culture and language and unfamiliar habits. This change has enormous impact on the expat and their family. Therefore it is very important that the expat gets off to a good start in his or her new professional and personal surroundings.
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People and organizations come to intersections, in which new insights and through-sights ask for change. Individual outplacement, individual career guidance or management coaching actively help in the transformation to new challenges and the right results in working and living.
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Safety and labour conditions are important issues within your organization. The government interferes less and less, employee and employer are expected to handle self-activity issues and the employer is expected to provide when it comes to its duty in regard to the welfare of employees. You should consciously handle the risks and reduce them to an acceptable level. With our expertise, we support you with the managerial approach up to the implementing and execution.
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Human Capital Management and labour law are essential for your goals and results. We support or maintain your HR organization made-to-fit and depending on your needs. Our point of focus is always people of the organization and the organization itself. Rights and obligations are mutually and transparently formulated, registered and implemented. Practical, pragmatic and professional.
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Your core business is your passion, our passion is finding the right professional and offering value creation to your strategic personnel management. in a pro-active, modern and driven way, we find professionals for optimizing your Human Capital within the organization. Regionally known and active worldwide, flexible to suit your wishes and needs.

Project-based and professional expansion to your management or within your team, quick and effective, tailor-made for you!

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Operational Excellence is a business strategy that leads to a perfect product for the perfect price. Approba delivers tailor made / custom service for the customers and a leading product (customer intimacy and product leadership) are leading.. To achieve Operational Excellence Approba offers the proven Lean method. Lean focuses on the elimination of all waste, disturbances and bottlenecks within an organization. Only what adds value, is preserved in a process of continuous improvement (Kaizen).
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