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You may expect an excellent guidance process and implementation of customised solutions in HR of Approba. We are able to respond to the organisation, the management or the individual. Also, an increasing number of clients engage Approba for, for example, advice and implementation on a strategic level.

Our approach guarantees insight in objectives and processes. A better overview in HR Services. And also an extensive reduction of the costs! We call that Services…. Do you notice the difference?

SafeArbo – Working conditions
Safety and working conditions are important issues within your organisation. The government increasingly withdraws and more is expected of the independence between employer and employee, but also of the duty of care of the employer. You must consciously deal with risks and reduce these to an acceptable level. With our expertise in HR-services we support you from the policy-related approach up to and including the implementation and execution.
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HR-LegalServices – Labour Law
Human Capital Management and labour law are of an essential importance for your objectives and results. We support or manage your HR Services in a customised manner and according to need in which the human-being and the organisation are the main considerations. Rights and obligations are mutually and clearly formulated, registered and implemented. Practical, pragmatic and professional.
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Scantalents – Assessments & Tests
From a quick scan to extensive assessments, we measure your Human Capital. Individually, per team or for your entire organisation. We offer global services in over 30 languages. Qualitative measurement of inflow, promotion and outflow within your organisation.
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1on1CareerCoaching – Coaching
We consider coaching and training to be a process under guidance of change of behaviour.
It is a learning process in which the entire person develops himself through awareness processes and sophisticated learning experiences.
Approba supports companies and individuals with guidance and coaching by means of a customised career coaching programme.
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Cross-cultural awareness
A job abroad, for expats from the Netherlands or any other country, is a professional and personal challenge. Different values, rules, relationships and expectations could make a job unnecessary stressful. Approba helps expats to understand the local issues, the culture and the social interactions and to deal with these matters effectively.
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Expat Services
In an internationalised work environment, companies and their expat-employees have many extra challenges. Approba offers support by arranging all preconditions, such as residence documents, housing, education, insurances and language courses and by doing so, provides expats a “quick, smooth landing” in their new work- and living environment.
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HR Support
Approba advises and supports you in order to design an effective and efficient HR organisation. We help you to realise your objectives in the strategic, tactical and operational area.
We support or manage your HR organisation in a customised manner and according to need in which the human-being and the organisation are the main considerations.
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Lean Excellence
Operational Excellence is a business strategy that leads to a perfect product for a perfect price. Approba delivers customised solutions and service for the client and a leading product (customer intimacy and product leadership) is the key priority. In order to reach Operational Excellence, Approba offers the proven Lean method. Lean focuses on eliminating all waste, disturbances and bottlenecks within an organisation. Only that what adds value remains in a process of continuous improvement (Kaizen).
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Organisational Advice
As entrepreneur or manager you may often wonder how to handle certain issues the best way. Than be advised by specialists with practical experience.
With the help of our advices you will start to work (again) with more energy and more focus. With concrete tools, practical, pragmatic and professional. Together we make sure this is also done in a lasting and strategic way. In short: we help you on your path from ‘thinking’ to ‘acting’!
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Human-beings and organisations will reach cross-roads at which new insights and perspectives call for change. Individual outplacement actively helps in the transformation to a new challenge and the proper results in work and life.
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Obviously you may always contact us if you would like more information about our HR & Recruitment services. Contact us through telephone, number +31 (0) 46 460 00 00 or fill in our contact form.

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